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Household waste recycling centres strategy

As part of planned savings Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) has reduced the overall household waste recycling centre (HWRC) budget by £350,000 for 2017/18.

To meet this reduction our proposal is to reduce the number of HWRCs from seven to three or four, and to change the opening hours of the remaining sites. Once agreed, these changes will be made over several years with plenty of notice given to local residents.

For more information on the planned work, please see the below report issued by Oxfordshires Waste Managment Team.

Further information on Household Waste Recycling Gentres Consultation

Why are you making changes?

Reductions in central government funding mean Oxfordshire County Council has to make savings. We are currently in the process of making approximately £290 million of savings by 2018. On top of those savings, we may need to save a further £60 million.

What are you proposing to do?

Our proposals for the future of the household waste recycling centres (HRWC) network in Oxfordshire are to:

Reduce the overall number of sites from seven, to three or four

Locate sites as close as possible to centres of population

Limit as much as possible the drive times for residents

Reducing the opening hours of all HWRCs by would bring down costs and may enable the council to offer a fourth site. At this point in time, we are unsure which current HWRCs would be closed.

Where will the new sites be located?

Central North Oxfordshire

Central Oxfordshire

Central South Oxfordshire

A fourth site with a geographical location to be determined

What changes to opening hours are you suggesting?

We are asking residents to let us know what days and times they would like sites to be open. We will then try and match opening hours to demand so that they are open when people want to visit, rather than being underused at certain times of day.

When will the changes happen?

Once agreed, changes to the HWRCs will be made over several years with plenty of notice given to local residents.

What happens next?

A final strategy will be decided upon by Cabinet at the end of 2015. The cabinet report will include the results of the consultation and will be available a week before the meeting at

Consultation can be viewed at

General enquiries about the HWRGs

Please direct to Waste Management Group on 01865 816043

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